This Really Poli-Ticks Me Off

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Cory Tretinik

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Back to the Old Grind
August 29, 2016

I am not interested in the candidates for president in any way whatsoever. Even though I’ll be 18 and able to vote come the next election, I simply don’t care. The main reason being I don’t like politics. It’s just not something I have any real interest in. I never have, and I may continue not to care for the rest of my life.

There’s just something about American politics that’s just…ineffective, somehow. We have lots of checks and balances to keep each branch of the government from holding too much power, which is a good thing. The problem lies in the two parties. Democrats and Republicans are direct opposites of one another, so a Democratic president serving with a mostly Republican congress will not get anything accomplished because most of congress will reject the liberal plans and bills of the president.

Candidates always feel like their party’s agenda is more important than their own agenda. Like the candidates are just sort of slaves to their party and agenda and are obligated to do what their party thinks is good for the country, which may or may not actually be what the people want or need the most. From my point of view, the ‘party’ system is a limiting factor; it’s just kind of a label that shouldn’t be that important. Even George Washington himself thought that there shouldn’t be political parties.

So no, I don’t know most of the candidates’ names, and I probably will forget half of them exist once it’s been narrowed down to one Republican and one Democrat. Doesn’t matter who becomes president; everyone is just going to complain about how terrible of a job they’re doing, anyways.