Drama Club


The Jefferson – Morgan Drama Club is a pride of the school. The club is ran by Mr. Scot Moore who is also the director of the plays and musicals. The Drama Club is currently working hard to prepare for this year’s play or musical so more details will come regarding what the club will be performing. However, the Drama Club is looking into plays and musical that are geared more towards children to draw in larger crowds. One idea of a musical is Madagascar: A Musical Adventure, but this is only a rough idea.    

The Drama Club is coming off of a very good performance last year of Shrek the Musical. There were three shows and each time the performance drew in almost 500 people. The biggest fans of the show were the kids because they enjoyed the goofy jokes and exaggerated personalities. However, people of all ages enjoyed the show.  Mr. Moore enjoyed working with all performers of last year’s musical and is looking forward to this year. A big group of people will be missed this year though, last year’s seniors. They helped in many ways and will be missed.

Due to the success of last year’s musical, the Drama Club will be going to Disney World this April. The Drama Club will fly from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Orlando, Florida and they will stay for 4 days. The club will be staying in the Pop Century Resort. During the club’s time there, they will be participating in different leadership classes along with an acting class to better their acting skills. More details are to come.

The Drama Club is looking forward to this year’s performance and anyone wishing to join the Drama Club will need to see Mr. Moore.