Vegan Based Cafeteria Options Should be Offered

(Photo Courtesy from Pixabay.)

(Photo Courtesy from Pixabay.)

As many people know, there are an abundance of diets and eating habits differentiating student to student.  Meeting the diet standards of every student as a school cafeteria is extremely difficult, but there are a few strategies that could be used to please students.

With a wide range of diversity in a school district, there are a variety of different eating habits and diets. For example, diets could consist of vegan based, non-dairy based, or no meat or veggie based diets.

Although, it is extremely important to try and meet student needs this is a very difficult task. School cafeterias usually have basic meals and snacks that are designed to meet a majority of standards for students, but students with special diets are often forgotten. One reason why it is is difficult to meet the needs of special diets, along with pleasing the majority, is cost. Vegan options, along with other diets, are often more expensive than regular foods, therefore making it hard to provide these options.

On the contrary, students with special diets should be provided with the meals that they request. One reason why they should be provided is because students should not have to worry about packing their own lunch and worrying about heating it up, or purchasing containers to store the food in.

Meeting students dietary needs is very important and should be provided in school cafeterias despite the challenges.