Partners in Crime

Brooke Weir

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(Photo Credit via Caroline DePhillips)

(Photo Credit via Caroline DePhillips)

Caroline and I have been best friends for so long, that we have added each other to our family events. We are the true definition of the saying “opposites attract.” I do not believe that you can get two more different people than Caroline and I. The music that we listen to, our style of clothes, and beliefs are complete opposites. With so many things that we do not have in common, we are somehow best friends. Ever since the 9th grade we have coordinated our schedules, making sure we will have almost every class together. On the first day of school, every year, we have traveled together. We have stuck together through so much over the years that I really do not know if anything can come in between our friendship.

Over the course of six years, many things have happened that brought us closer. We are able to joke about the most serious things happening in our life, which is a good thing. She knows how to turn a horrible situation into something that I can just look at and laugh about, and I can do the same thing with her. We know how each other work and exactly what we are thinking about in every situation.

Something that we can laugh about is how abnormal we are. Walking around Walmart and joking around might sound weird and boring to normal friends, but Caroline and I have so much fun doing it. We do not like to walk around the mall and get our nails done like most girls. We walk around the park, drive through Waynesburg, and hang out in random stores.