Portable Projector of the Year?

Troy Wright

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May 23, 2022


The Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector was released on January 30th at a starting price of $519.99. The projector will allow people to watch movies.

The solar projector is a 1080p projector with a built in battery and Android TV. It is even able to be used as a bluetooth speaker. The solar projector is easy to carry around in a bag and you can pull it out whenever you want to watch a movie. The projector isn’t even as big as a book and it allows you to shoot out a 120 inch image on the wall of whatever you want from Netflix to YouTube. The design of the projector is slick and has a 3 hour built in battery which is rechargeable.

The Anker Solar Portable Projector isn’t better than the Mars II Pro projector, but it does have some better high lights than it. The Mar II is only has 720p compared to the 1080p. The Mars II does have a brighter display compared to the projector. There are many other speakers that people could get.

The Anker Solar Portable Projector does have some downsides compared to other speakers. The speaker projector is very dim and it makes it hard to see whatever is on display. The projector contrast is only mediocre and for a brand new speaker people want top tier display to spend big money on it. The Android TV that comes with it the projector is still a work in progress and more often than not it doesn’t work. The Android TV is supposed to set this projector apart from other projectors, but since it is not working the projector is getting set back.

The Anker Solar Portable Projector is a pretty good overall speaker, but since not all of the gadgets don’t work I would not spend $519.99 on this. If you want a high quality projector you are going to have to spend a ton of money because top tier speakers are in the thousands. The price of 520 dollars isn’t bad, but if you spend 30 more bucks you can get the Mars II pro and have even more abilities and qualities.