Do you Dare Hear the Screams?

Lizzy Corbett

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When visiting Lake Erie, located in Erie County Pennsylvania be aware of The Storm Hag of Presque Isle. This legend dates back to the mid 1700s!

This creature is known as The Storm Hag or sometimes called Jenny Greenteeth. She was given this name because her teeth are said to be a deep moss green.  Her arms are long with talons, or claws, at the end that drip venom. It is said that the venom on the end of her claws is enough to kill a man instantly.

To lure the sailors in she will sing a song, “The Hag’s Song.” The song is short, but is a siren to cast you under a spell to fall in the water with her. She will lurk under the water waiting for the sailors to be drawn closer. “Come into the water, love. Dance beneath the waves. Where dwell the bones of sailor lads. Inside my saffron caves.” After her song ends and the sailors are in a trance, she will summon a violent storm to throw the ship around. The sailors get thrown under the waves, she pulls them into her spiral arms and carries them below the violent storm, never to be seen again. If the day was clear and blue and suddenly a storm was brewing-I would head back because you would see it before it comes, but if it were a bad day- I wouldn’t go out.

Local history has records of mysterious ship disappearances that may contributed to the Storm Hag, some as late as the twentieth century. It is said that anyone near the shores of Presque Isle can still hear the screams of the drowned sailors.

Although I don’t believe this legend, I would still be wary of going to Presque Isle to see if there are screams!