L’amour et la Romance à Paris!

Elsa Roberts

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(Photo Credit via:tickets-paris.fr)

Wondering what the headline says? It says “The Love and Romance in Paris,” which is what this article is about. Paris may be known for its beautiful scenery and food, but Paris is especially known for ROMANCE.

Romance overrules the food and the Eiffel tower, and her is why. On Valentines Day, there is a big boat like a cruise ship and guests are given champagne and dinner with live music. Lovers  are invited on to the boat to have an amazing Valentine’s Day with their partner. At the end of the ride, they give chocolate hearts to give to each other.

Paris has many restaurants, but one that allows lovers to get closer is the private cooking lesson at the Galeries Lafayette, which is Macaroon -Making Workshop. Lovers from all over Paris come over to make some scrumptious croissants and macaroons. One of my favorite restaurants in Paris is the La Maison du Chocolat Faubourg Saint Honore. It’s a cafe that was dedicated to the first chocolate in Paris and was opened in 1997.  This was also the very first point of sale of high-end chocolate.

I love that Paris has restaurants for people finding love or dating and use them around the area so people can enjoy it!