Into the Beloved Queen Charlotte

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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is a historical drama Netflix series. This series in a prequel spin-off from another Netflix series Bridgerton. There is a total of six episodes, and the series aired on May 4, 2023.

With this series it focuses on two story lines, Queen Charlotte’s rise to power along with her pressuring her children into marriage to produce an heir for the Crown as it switches between past and present. Although the story is focused upon Queen Charlotte, it also further develops into other beloved characters such as Lady Danbury, Violet Bridgerton, and Brimsley. Although this series is purely fiction, it does focus upon modern issues such as racial issues and mental health issues. Although the Queen throughout the original Bridgerton is seen as intense and harsh, this series allows the audience to further understand her and all she has been through. All in all, this is a beautiful series with an even more beautiful cast. It shows the amazing, loving, and patient relationship between Queen Charlotte and King George. It shows the hardships the couple had to overcome in face of his illness. It also shows another love story between Brimsley and a kings guard. The series is an emotional ride. It is filled with sadness, happiness, along with shock. Following the reaction of this series, many fans are in want of another series focused upon the love story of Edmund and Violet Bridgerton as they are known to be a rare love match.

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