The Do’s and Don’ts of High School


(Photo Credits via Catherine Diamond)

Looking back through the years as a senior, there are so many things I wish I knew as a freshman. Some of these things would have made my life much easier along with making my high school life more fulfilling. Although somethings are minute compared to others, they are still incredibly important.

One of the first things I wish I knew was do not procrastinate. I of course understand that procrastination is almost impossible for most, but be smart about what is being procrastinated. There is a large difference between middle and high school. The work will almost immediately get extremely overwhelming and seems as though it’ll never end. Another thing I wish I knew was that friend groups will change. What everyone says is true despite how much you may wish for it to not be. However, it’ll be okay. It will hurt, but what is meant to be will be. Lastly, I wish I realized that everything isn’t so permanent. In the moment, the tiniest inconvenience may seem as though it’ll cause destruction it won’t. Life will continue to move on, and the situation may eventually lead to such a positive outcome.

High school is such a small, yet important step in everyone’s life. Truly, there are no right or wrong ways to complete it. However, listen to all the advice you can as it’ll help make it easier and a positive experience. To simply put it, enjoy it as it won’t last forever, although for some that might be the best advice yet.