Jefferson Morgan’s Lip Dub

Hayley Palone

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August 29, 2016

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Jefferson Morgan recently has uploaded a Lip Dub video. The students have always wanted to do a lip dub for the last few years, but no student really wanted to put the time into making it. It takes a good bit of time to videotape and requires much patience and time to edit. This year a good group of students who approached Mrs Fulks in helping them create one, and they did a great job, from start to finish. The video wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Jamie Lawrence, Brittany Broadwater, Maria Christy, and Dustin Schimansky.

Every year the student council must create a video based on a theme to take to student forum.   The video is shown to other schools and is supposed to highlight our school but based on a theme. The theme this year was “Be the Change”. So student council incorporated the theme into the lip dub. Mrs Fulks and the students who helped make the video possible used a mix of all the popular songs because it’s a better variety. It was better than just using one song.

The project started at the beginning of November and just finished it the middle of January. The video would’ve probably gotten done sooner, but many people did not want to be in the video. It took much convincing to get our students to participate. Now that people have seen what they did, more are asking to be a part of the next lip dub. The video wasn’t mandatory for students to do but Student Forum needed something do so they decided to go with the lip dub video. But the individuals who created it, they volunteered.

To make the video possible, they used the school video camera and a program called Windows MovieMaker Live. To edit the song, they used a video converter to create an mp3 from the video. Seeing that this video was a success, Mrs Fulks is willing to help out with another. It’s pretty clear that the seniors are looking into making one just for them next. Everyone who was a part of the video had a lot of fun. It was something new for Jefferson Morgan to do and it was definitely a success.

The people creating the video dedicated a lot of time and effort into it. Many times it was frustrating for them because, just when they thought they were complete, they found part’s that the timing was off or something like that. The final touches were the most difficult because they knew that they had the video footage and all they had to do was edit. But that was the toughest part. Also, the faculty and staff were very cooperative in this undertaking allowing them to “borrow” students here and there. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation!