Don’t Break Your Leg on this Trip!

Lizzy Corbett

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On Monday October 17th the JM drama club went to “Opening Night Costumes” to find outfits for the upcoming play, “The Wild Bunch of Women.”

“I love being underneath the light and the feeling of being on stage on opening night.” Says Addy Morrison. She enjoys drama because she gets to hang out with her friends, as well as gets her out of the house. She enjoys being dressed up and having mics because she feels as though the spotlight is on her for the show nights.

On the trip the cast members found their outfits. Some cast members also got their shoes for the show, although some didn’t they have been advised to go try to find them. The characters betrayed are nuns and saloon girls. The saloon girls are wearing long skirts, button-up shirts, cowboy boots, and hats. The nuns are wearing nun dresses and regular tennis shoes, since you can’t see their shoes.

After finding their costumes they went out to eat at chick-fil-a where most of the members ended up trying the new milkshake flavor, which everyone enjoyed. When we got back to the school we ran through some scenes, that included all the cast members. After running through the scenes we met out in the front lobby and discussed thing we like about drama and should continue, stuff we would like to see start in the club, and stuff we would like to stop while being in the club, “I like that all the members get together to watch Trotsky’s rehearsal to lift their spirits.” Says Julia Cox.

For any questions you may have you can contact Lauren Pahler, JM drama club president at [email protected], or contact Christian Wilson, JM drama club director at [email protected]