Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phones have become a major part of society in recent years.  It honestly seems as if many people are glued to these devices 24/7 and they don’t want them left out of their sight.  High schoolers and young people are the largest offenders of this, but there some adults that are guilty of the same thing.

While there are people that do know the right place and the right time to use their devices, there are other people who are just oblivious to the fact that it is ridiculously rude and very disrespectful when they are pulled out at the wrong moments.  When a person is directly talking to someone, they expect that other person to give them their full and undivided attention.  However, some people would just start using them in the middle of a conversation to check their Twitter or their text messages.  It doesn’t make sense to see what other people are doing when there is a person standing directly in front of them wanting to engage in a conversation. Why would someone take their attention out of the real world to go into the virtual world? Honestly, the world may never know.

Not only is it rude to just use a cell phone whenever, but there are other ways that cell phones disrupt everyday life.  Cell phones have become computers in our pocket, and the possibilities with them are almost endless.  An example would be playing loud music in public.  Headphones are made for a reason, that reason being is to keep a person’s music secluded to themselves. Not to blare it to the point where other people can hear it, even through the headphones that are in a person’s ear.  Games, apps, and many other things can also be impolite and disrespectful to people.

Cell phones are an amazing tool.  That statement is only true when they are used properly however.  It is important that people learn proper cell phone etiquette in today’s society.