General Rule

Devin Stoneking

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May 10, 2016

A general rule of society I think that we have forgotten is the respect for other people when they are talking.

When I’m trying to talk to my cousin and he is on his phone, it is very frustrating because he is always saying what?, and then I am thinking are you even listening to me? When an adult is talking to me I always stay off of my phone. Sometimes if an adult see’s someone they are talking to on the phone, they will probably think do you even care about what I am saying. If an adult sees that person will think that you are very disrespectful. If I was to do this, people would think bad of me and I do not want that. One person I know that has this bad habit is my sister. When my mom, dad, and I are trying to talk to her it is like we are invisible. She always has her nose buried in her phone. Yet again, I do this sometimes as well though. For example, I always do it to my sister because she always does it to me, and I just do it to annoy her sometimes. When I do it to her, she gets frustrated. The worst is when we do it to our dad. When we ignore our dad when we are on the phone, he threatens to take it away from us because he doesn’t really care for iPhones and he hates how we think that what we have on our phones is more important than what he has to say.

When it comes to people being on the phone when other people are trying to talk to that person, I think it is very disrespectful. When someone does it to me I get very frustrated.