Kedar Davis

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May 10, 2016

People tend to not understand the importance of proper manners anymore. Our generation is often seen as rude or disrespectful.

For example I think the proper thing to do when you are speaking with an adult is to refer to them as ma’am or sir. Also whenever you receive something from someone always say please and thank you. If you notice many people don’t talk this way anymore. Speaking with proper manners is something your parents must teach you.

I was always taught to hold the door open for a lady in public. It’s a way of being polite and it shows that you are a gentleman. Also whenever at the table I was taught to always cut my food up, fold my napkin across my lap and to always chew with my mouth closed.  Today you often see many people chewing with their mouth open and belching at the table. I think it is very important to always show proper manners. I believe that it is very important to show respect.

Most importantly it’s always good to show respect. Regardless of age it can never hurt to be polite and kind to people.