Volleyball Senior Night

Brooke Weir

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(Photo Credit via Kim Coles)

Thursday, October 20, was Jefferson-Morgan’s volleyball Senior Night. The game took place in the Jefferson-Morgan gymnasium against West Greene Pioneers. The lady rockets battled against the Pioneers and sadly brought home a loss, making the girls wanting to win even more. The senior night started off like any other traditional senior night, with the parents walking their daughter across the court.

Autumn Tedrow, senior on the volleyball team, said, “This is my last time playing volleyball on this court. The moment will bittersweet, and I hope to get the win.” Every senior will feel different about the night, but they all will miss the games. “Playing on this court is something that I will really miss. I did not get to play my sophomore and junior year, so this means a lot to me.” said Taylor Walker.

With senior night also comes the senior gifts. Jamie Lawrence said that she could not wait to see everyone’s gifts. Many people like to make homemade gifts, making things a little more special. Erin Confortini stated that she loves getting homemade gifts because it reminds her of Christmas.

“I am really excited for the girls to see my gift I got them. I know they will all love it.” said Anna Mattish. Just as important as the gifts, winning is also one top of the girls mind. “If we win this game we will make it to playoffs, so I really want to win more than anything.” said Brooke Diamond.