Getting Angry at Angry Birds 2


Josh Woods, Contributor

Angry Birds 2 is an app for kids ages 5-13. Older people still play the game. The purpose of the game is too shoot birds at structures and kill green pigs.

Angry Birds 2 had a story line built into the game. The story line is that the pigs steal the birds eggs. So the birds go through the defenses of the pigs until they reach the king pig. If you defeat the king pig he runs away with the eggs until you meet him again. The red bird’s name is Red. The yellow bird’s name is Chuck. The black bird’s name is Bomb. The white bird’s name is Matilda. The blue birds names are Jay, Jake, and Jim. The boomerang bird name is Hal. The big red bird’s name is Terence. The birds aren’t fake species either. The game actually takes from real life bird species. Red is a Northern Cardinal for example. Angry Birds 2 is free to play on IOS and Android. There was an Angry Birds 1, but got shut down for the release of Angry Birds 2. Everyone likes Angry Birds 1 better due to nostalgia and more simple of a development.

The app is a decent game to play when bored. The community likes Angry Birds 1 more. In that case the community says the game is a solid 4.6/5 stars. You can get the app on IOS and Android for free.