Hybrid School Model

Jaggar Jellots

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Photo via Jefferson Morgan School District Facebook Page

As many in the area may know, students at Jefferson-Morgan began the 2020-21 school year on August 26th. However, it was made pretty obvious students wouldn’t be returning to a normal school format.

To kick the year off, the board and staff introduced a hybrid model. The hybrid model consisted of dividing the school into groups A & B. A students would attend Mondays and Thursdays, and B students would attend Tuesdays and Fridays.

The days where a group wasn’t in school they were learning remotely at home. On Wednesdays, all students are online. The school announced at the beginning of the year, if everything went smoothly with no outbreaks, all students would go four days a week, with Wednesday being a virtual day starting September 25th.

That is the platform the school has followed for the past few months; however there was a situation two weeks ago where the district had multiple Covid cases which had caused a closure for a week. Now, with cases increasing, there has been some speculation of another closure.

An official statement from the school hasn’t been released yet, and as of right now, they intend to continue the current model.