Rocket Reporter Welcomes New Editors

Troy Wright

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Feel the Spirit
May 23, 2022

Four students have been named editors for the Rocket Reporter for the 20-21 school year.

Maci Marion is editor-in-chief.  She is a three year staff member for the Rocket Reporter.  Marion feels honored to be named chief-in-editor.  She prefers to write athlete articles and articles about herself.

Troy Wright, two year journalism student, is an editor. Wright likes to write about hot topics in the world and the changes that are going around in the school. Wright is excited to see what he is able to achieve as an editor.

Catherine Diamond is also a second year journalism student and is  an editor.  Diamond likes to observe and write about school related topics and events coming up around the school. Diamond is thankful to be selected as one of the four editors.

Casey Schaum is a three year journalism student. Schaum likes to write about anything that Mrs. Huba tells her to write. Schaum says she feels blessed to be picked by Mrs. Huba to be an editor for the Rocket Reporter.