Problem with Bullying

The most well known form of bullying now is cyber bullying because most people have phones now. It has caused problems to happen in high schools across the country and hurts students all the time.

Bullying has changed over time from generation to generation if you ever heard one of your parents or someone older talking to you about school they most likely remember bullying as fighting. Something like two people meet after school to fight instead of trash talking or texting. But know almost every high-school student now has a phone so cyber-bullying is a big thing now instead of physical bullying and it will most likely continue to be like that.

Jefferson-Morgan bullying is not a big problem things are pretty well controlled. Even though there has been bullying here before just as any other school but as time goes on things become better. One student here mentioned how they were bullied. They said that while they were on their phone at home some peers made a group chat and just started talking down on that person and they were very hurt. Then the student came to school the next day and talked to a staff member and felt much better after the staff member talked to them and was being supportive.

There is a story of bullying about a student from Florida. And it’s about a T-Shirt he made himself that has The University of Tennessee logo on it. The reason he made it was because University of Tennessee wanted to represent the volunteers during his elementary schools college colors day but he didn’t own any of their apparel and that’s when he decided to make it. Then when he took it to school the other students bullied him because it didn’t look legit, but then a teacher who noticed it decided to help him by printing his creation on a T-Shirt and it made him feel better.

Bullying all around is bad but the main type of bullying we all see now is cyber bullying. And most of the time we see some type of bullying in everyday lives. And here at Jefferson their are people that get cyber bullied and cyberbully others all the time. For example there was a kid who was reportedly getting bullied and the student said “I was being bullied over a social media platform and it made me feel bad but then I surrounded myself around the right people and I began not to pay attention to it so much”.

Bullying is something that is never tolerated a Jefferson-Morgan and is most of the time prevented from happening. The students at Jefferson all have an app called safe 2 say and you can report bullying on the app. We also have a guidance counselor and teachers that are willing to help or talk at anytime.

If you were to ever experience bullying anyway there are always adults or counselors to talk too. Also another way to report it is by sending a message to someone else trust worthy or even a principal/teacher.