Summer’s Pretty “Fair”


Steven Shepard

(Photo Credit via Flickr)

One common activity that occurs every summer is the fair.

People love going to the fair. It’s a cheaper, more laid back alternative to an amusement park and it’s a great place for friends to get together and have fun. At some fairs, like the one we have in Greene County, a derby also takes place. Many mini games are also available as well, whether it’s aiming darts into balloons or throwing ping pong balls to win a fish. Usually the fair is open for a week in August and specifically in the early weeks of said month. The Greene County fair, occurring in Waynesburg, is from Sunday, August 6th to Saturday, August 12th this year. The most common ride at the fair is the ferris wheel. It’s a calming ride and gives fair goers a great view of the area. It’s best to go on in the later evening when the sun goes down if you’d like a great view of it. Common fair foods include cotton candy, French fries, funnel cake, and churros.

The fair is that time of the summer many people look forward to. It’s week long of fun in the warm summer sun while enjoying your favorite rides and treats.