Spring Into Your Dance Attire


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Every spring, Jefferson Morgan has a two school dances: spring fling and prom.

“I attended spring fling in 8th grade and it was the first dance I ever went to” said Karlee Crockard.

Spring fling is less common compared to prom. A lot of schools have middle school dances, but there’s probably not any that call it “spring fling.” It usually occurs towards the end of March and is open to 7th and 8th graders. At Jefferson Morgan, it takes place in the elementary school gym where light refreshments are supplied. It’s less of a formal dance in comparison to prom.

“I don’t plan on going to prom until my senior year,” said Abbie Woods. “It doesn’t seem like something I’d go to for all four school years.”

Prom is for high school students only. It occurs after prom and usually in the beginning or just the first half of May. Unlike spring fling or middle school dances in general, it’s a lot more common and has taken place in various locations around southwestern Pennsylvania. Most seniors attend this dance as it’s their last ever high school dance.