Josh Clites – Athlete Biography

Brooke Weir

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Josh Clites is a junior and member of the basketball team.

Josh has been playing basketball for nine years. “My favorite memory from basketball was when I hit seven three pointers back to back.” He has lettered two times during his  high school years. This year Josh plays as a point guard and shooting guard.

Going into the season, Clites has many expectation for himself and the team. He states that he feels good and confident about this year. Clites hopes for the team to go to playoffs.

“This year I want to score more points and make my shots,” said Clites when asked about his individual goals.

Clites also offers advice to underclassmen wishing to participate in basketball. He said that they need to work hard and just have fun. Having fun is one of the most important things to remember when participating in high school sports.

Good luck to the boys basketball in their season!