Jamie Lawrence – Athlete Biography

Brooke Weir

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Jamie Lawrence is a senior and member of the track and field team.

Lawrence has been a member of the team for four years and has worked her way up to captain. “It is a good feeling to be a leader.” She participates on the team by throwing shot put, disc, and javelin.

Jamie Lawrence participates in track and field because she likes the javelin and how the sport helps keep her in shape. Lawrence has lettered all four years for track and field.

Even though Jamie Lawrence does not have an exact ‘go-to’ person on the team, she enjoys hanging out with her best friend Erin Confortini. “Erin and I have been friends for a while and participate in many different sports together.”

This is Lawrence’s last year on the Jefferson-Morgan track and field team. She is a little sad because this is her last year on the team, but she is excited because she will be participating in track and field next year at Catham University.

After high school Jamie Lawrence will be attending Catham University for exercise science.