Don’t Drink the Water Nears Performance Date


(Photo Credit Via Jaggar Jellots)

Jefferson-Morgan’s adaptation of Don’t Drink the Water has made it to the final stages of development. The play’s performances are set for 15th, 16th, and 17th of March. Unlike previous years, there will be 4 performances instead of 3. On the 17th, there will be two performances.

Adam Hobe was cast as the lead role, Axel Magee. Bria Jamison and Sebastian Jellots are cast as Marion and Walter Hollander. The story takes place in an American Embassy behind the Iron Curtain. Magee is put in charge of the embassy as his mother heads off to do some business elsewhere. The communists mistake the Hollanders for spies; the Hollanders try to escape in the embassy.

The play was originally written by Woody Allen. Don’t Drink the Water premiered on Broadway in 1966. Eventually, the play was adapted into a movie and then into a television series. Scot Moore, as always, is the director of this year’s play. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Moore via email or phone.