Mr. Giorgi Selects Eight Students To Attend The Arnold Classic


On Friday, March 1,2019, Mr. Giorgi and Mr. D’Antonio will be taking eight students to Columbus, Ohio to attend the Arnold Classic. The students attending are Liam Ankrom, Gage Falcon, Brandon Lawerence, Justin Silbaugh, Austin Marenelli, Logan Rhodes, Ivan Pavick and Wyatt Wilson.

The students will be departing the school at 6 A.M., and will stop to eat breakfast halfway there. After that the students will spend the day at the expo watching competitions and meeting vendors. The crew will be departing the expo at roughly 6 P.M. and will return to Jefferson around 9 P.M.

The  Arnold Classic is a multi event competition. A couple events that will be held are arm wrestling tournaments and strongman competitions Along with that, there will also be  educational seminars held on various topics. On top of that, there will also be vendors to educate and promote their products to help them decide what products would help the students achieve their fitness goals.

Mr. Giorgi believes that this competition and the Arnold Classic will greatly benefit interested in Physical fitness.  Fitness is a lifestyle not a isolated activity you do when you feel like. “I want kids to learn how to properly lift and learn about proper nutrition when they are young so when they get older and time is more at a premium that they know how to and the importance of carving out some time in their day to exercise and to make proper eating choices,” said Giorgi.