Jefferson Java Continues to Wow Students with Creativity


(Photo Credit Via Liam Ankrom)

Jefferson Java is a school-based coffee shop that sells a variety of drinks to student buyers. Java has a crew consisting of six members, and a very broad selection. Students and faculty can purchase items anytime throughout the school day or at any home middle school event.

Jefferson Java already has a wide selection of coffee, black tea, Chai tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, and the most recent addition to the menu is cappuccino. Cappuccinos are freshly made by the Java crew and is topped with whip cream.  They sell for the very affordable price of two dollars.

Did you know that Jefferson-Java sells gift cards?  Gift cards come in increments of $10.  A free drink comes with each purchase of a gift card.

Jefferson Java has set itself apart by offering a vast selection during school hours. Javas plans to create more drinks and more drink deals.