Metal Detectors are a Must

The most recent school shooting occurred on February 14 in Parkland, Florida.  Seventeen people were killed and fourteen were injured. 

School shootings are putting people in risk and fear. Schools need to be safer and more secure than what they are now.

In just 2018, there have been eight school shootings throughout the United States.

Students should be able to come to school and feel safe. Instead, students are coming to school not knowing if it is the last time they see their loved ones.

Schools need to be more protective when students come to school both during the day and at dismissal. There should be some type of system to try and keep schools safe such as police officer or metal detectors.

Schools should not go through students backpacks and search through lockers, but students do need to be checked in some way to make sure they don’t have any weapons on them.

A way Jefferson Morgan can solve this is install metal detectors in doors and every time students, parents, and faculty come in out of the building they should have to walk through the metal detectors to relieve the worry of there being a weapon.

Schools need to have some type of policeman or security guard and metal detectors because it will relieve students, parents, and faculty.