Kindness Can Cure Future Generations

Kallie Miller

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Many people think that it is cool to be the “bad boy” type, and some find it cool to treat others badly to impress their peers. That is not the case. Kindness is cool.

It is not cool to treat other people badly. People should treat others how they would want to be treated. Being unkind to people should not gain friends, and if it does those are not the kind of friends people should want to have.

Studies show that many young children see older people being mean to each other, so they think it is okay to do the same. This is changing the mind of future generations.

Many teens want to be like the teens on movies, which is not necessarily the best thing. Many of the teens on movies that are considered the “cool kids” are cruel to everyone else. This is warping the mindsets of the kind children,and making them believe that they can be cool if they are mean.

 It is not really all the children’s fault. These things are displayed all over their lives.

People just need to be nicer to each other. That would make the world a way better place. There would be so much more happiness in life.

Being nice is cool, and people need to realize that. There is no need to be cruel to others.