Coronavirus Vaccine Contributed Throughout the US

Troy Wright

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May 23, 2022

The FDA approved Pfizer’s Vaccine on Thursday, December 10th of 2020 since the spike in cases throughout the holidays in the US.

This vaccine was planned to go out Monday, December 14th of 2020 to the hospitals to start giving out vaccines to whoever needed them. They wanted to give the vaccines to the hospital workers first since they are at the highest risk and since all the work they have put in throughout the pandemic. 

Maci Marion, a Journalism student at Jefferson-Morgan High School, said, “I would be willing to take a Covid-19 vaccine if it had been tested and proven to work. I would not take the vaccine immediately because no one really knows what the government could be trying to give to you. If everyone else was taking it and it was treating them nicely and the cases started to decrease I would take the vaccine.”

The vaccine Pfizer made was tested on the researches at Pfizer and no side effects were observed. The volunteers who took the vaccine said that they were still able to do everything they could before and still perform at the same rate. One problem that has come out about the vaccine is that it could make you sterile, but there has been no scientific evidence of this yet.

Chase Frameli, a contributor to the Rocket Reporter, said,I am not willing to receive a vaccine for COVID-19 because the side effects people are having. Also, it could affect you down the road because there aren’t a lot of studies yet.”

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