Austin DeFrank, Contributer

The best ways to watch movies are through Netflix, Redbox and going to movie theaters. Students can stay at home in the comfort of pajamas and sweatpants and watch a movie lying on their couch. Redbox is pretty much the same thing except people have to pay $1.00 every day they have the movie. Movie theaters are fun if students are going to see a movie with a group of friends.

Bobby Coles was asked which one he prefers. Bobby said “Netflix has a lot of movies to choose from and some aren’t very bad. Netflix always has the newest Alpha and Omega movies unlike Redbox and they don’t come out in theaters. I am also more comfortable watching movies through Netflix than going out to see a movie with noisy people that sometimes the strangers you have to sit by smell bad.”

Enjoy getting popcorn fresh from the popcorn maker as well. The big soda pops you get at theaters are excellent too!”

Jacob Van Divner was asked which one he prefers. Jacob prefers Redbox movies. Jacob said “Redbox is cool because I can keep a Redbox movie for as long as I want but I’ll have to pay $1.00 every day I don’t return which isn’t a big fee. Redbox also has a better selection of movies. They have the best movie from Pirates of the Caribbean to Harry Potter.”

Those three ways of seeing movies are all amazing. No matter what, students are seeing a movie that they will enjoy. They all bring friends together.