Spring Time

Hayley Palone, Contributor

It’s about that time again where everything outside is getting warmer and nicer. It’s that time where all outside activities come around again.

In Samantha Pedicord’s opinion,” I’m glad spring is arriving and winter is ending. I’m happy to get away from the cold and snow.” The weather lately has been slightly warmer and more comfortable to be outside in. Students and teachers seem to be more relaxed with the new weather change. The snow is gone and you can finally see the green grass again.

It’s official that on Thursday March 19th winter comes to an end. We all get to say goodbye to the bitter cold weather and snow. Just in a couple days we say hello to spring. The students who play sports or are involved with other activities are able to do them outside. It’s nice now that the classes can have windows open again to get some fresh air. The warm weather seems to put people in good moods knowing they can go outside and exercise or even just to practice for an upcoming sport. To students spring means the half-way point of school ending and then soon to summer.

Brooke is excited for spring due to the fact track is starting. In Brooke Weir’s opinion,” I am thrilled to have warm weather again. I can’t wait to go to track meets and go to practices. It feels nice being active again.” It’s good because there is a new sport out they students and go support that’s outside.

In conclusion spring is the time of year everyone can get away from the bitter cold weather. Spring brings a couple upcoming sports and new activities for everyone to enjoy.