Making the Most out of the Summer

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

There are hundreds of things to do over the summer and there’s also a lot of things that can make summer vacation the best. The best way to make summer vacation the best for you is to set up a list of all the things you want to do during summer that school work would normally hold you back from doing. The list could consist of anything like going to the beach, going to a different state far away, accomplishing something you normally wouldn’t have time for or finishing an architectural project that you might of get started in the past but haven’t finished yet. Another way to make summer the best is by including friends. Being with friends over the summer can get you into a lot of adventures you wouldn’t have thought you’d be in. Sometimes the adventures are amazing and sometimes they could lead to bad experiences, bad experiences are what make good stories though. Family also makes summer great. Nothing is better than spending time with family and creating a good bond between the members.