Tips for Finals

Hayley Palone, Contributor

Having finals can sometimes become really stressful. Around this time everyone is stressed about keystones and just studying for finals in general. Finals stress out a lot of students. A good tip to prepare for a final is to actually study and put effort into it. Don’t keep pushing it back until it’s late. Learn what is going to be on the final, be determined. Get a really good night sleep before a final and eat a good breakfast. That can really help so you don’t have to lose focus. Another tip is to ask questions, don’t sit in class and be afraid to ask. It’s your grade so take it serious. Ask what is on the final test so you can have a better understanding of what to study for. Make your own study guide if you feel you need more help. Flash cards are a good idea as well. The last tip for a final is do your best and take your time. Don’t walk in the class and be like well I’m going to fail this, you should walk into class thinking, and oh I got this. Just be serious with these tests.