Back in Session

    Brooke Weir

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    Coming back to school means many different things. Everyone requires many different things when returning to school, but everyone also needs some of the same things. The main things that most people need for school are pencils, note cards, and their cell phone. Of course pencils are needed for any and every class. Most teachers like to start teaching on the first day of school, so pencils are definitely something needed to be bought during summer. Note cards are also something that is very important for back to school. Many people might think notebooks are more important, but I find that to be incorrect.

    Note cards are very important to get ready for tests of all kinds. They help students study and really understand the subject that they are learning. The last thing that I find helpful when coming back to school is having my cell phone. People and some teachers might find this silly and unnecessary, but not me. Many teachers ask questions that are required to be looked up are they use quizlet. Since our school computers are so slow, having a cell phone handy really does help. I use mine during class to either study up for my vocabulary tests or to look up what the teacher asked us to do so.

    Returning to school also means preparing for college and taking SAT’s, especially when it is senior year. There are many ways to prepare for the SAT’s, such as taking a preparation course or getting the official SAT book and studying during free time. I prepared for the SAT’s many different ways. The most helpful thing that I did was take an online preparation course. The course helped a lot and made sure I understood every question and why the answer was what it was.

    Coming back to school could be a joy for some people and burden for others. No matter how people feel about it, coming back to school is always for the best. Students can meet new friends and get an education that can prepare them for the life ahead.