Hydration Test

    Hydration test

    Hydration test

    Thursday November 2nd wrestlers will be given a hydration test. Any individual or team sports in the winter require a physical and if you wrestle you’re required a hydration. Hydrations are meant for going into correct weight class and checking fat on your body making sure you’re healthy and examining. Hydrations benefit wrestlers by putting them on weight plans making sure you’re not cutting too much weight.

    Hydrations take place once a year for wrestlers. Hydration test shows each wrestler how much weight you’re able to lose a week. Wrestlers can cut too much weight and end up injuring themselves. Weight plans are meant for not cutting weight but in reality makes it harder for the wrestler to lose weight. Hydrations started taking place within the last decade due to many wrestlers getting seriously injured or hurt due to cutting weight.

    Wrestling is a three month sport and can be very tough if weight isn’t managed correctly. High school practices make us lose plenty of weight, but too much can give damage to your body. Only wrestlers are given the hydration test it test’s how much fat your body has, how hydrated you are, and shows how much weight you are able to lose a week. It’s very tough for wrestlers to certify at a specific weight class while staying hydrated.

    Hydration test is the wrestling team’s first start to the season and first official practice starts November 16th. Every Tuesday and Thursday Jefferson has been running condition in order to get in shape for season. Wrestling is a very tough sport for 3 months! Not only tests you physically, but mentally as well. High school and college wrestling tries to make it easier for wrestlers, but don’t realize how hard weight plans actually are.

    Each year Jefferson was having issues getting wrestlers to come out. This year we do not have same issue the team has 14 junior high kids with only missing 1 of the 14 weight classes in high school. Many wrestlers coming out never wrestled before and it’s a good experience for them because it tests you mentally. It’s very hard to keep up with school, manage weight, lifting, and practicing throughout the season, it tests you mind. There are many reasons why wrestling is a tough sport.