Kyle Clayton – Athlete Biography

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    Liam Ankrom – Editor

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    Kyle Clayton is a sophomore and a member of the baseball team.

    This is Clayton’s second year as a member of the varsity baseball team, and has been playing ever since tee-ball. Because of his previous experience on the team, Clayton plays multiple positions for the Rockets. Clayton brings many strong assets to the Rockets, especially his defensive skills.

    A few of the positions Clayton plays are pitcher, short-stop and center field. Clayton plays multiple positions on the field making him a very useful and versatile player. Clayton has also made many memories throughout his sophomore year and has had an abundance of fun playing with his friends.

    “My favorite thing so far this season was beating Avella to get into the playoffs,” said Clayton.

    Although,Clayton has been playing baseball for many years, and has a ton of memories to go along with his experience he likes to enjoy the simple things the game has to offer.

    “My favorite thing about baseball is getting to play and have fun with my friends,” said Clayton.

    Clayton and his other teammates are looking forward to making more memories and achieving their next goal to win a playoff game.