Owen Maddich – Athlete Biography

Liam Ankrom, Contributor

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Owen Maddich is a sophomore and a member of the varsity baseball team.

Maddich has been playing baseball for 10 years for the Rockets. Along with Maddich’s experience ,he has learned some very crucial lessons that the game has taught him. One thing the game has taught him is to have heart and to always work hard.

“One thing that makes a good baseball player is having heart, and that is something you cannot learn or be coached to have,” said Maddich.

Throughout the season, Maddich has been put up against very tough competition, but he has set himself apart from others preparing himself for tough games.

“To prepare myself for tough games I often put myself in game situations at practice so that I’m comfortable and prepared for everything on game day,” said Maddich.

Maddich is looking forward to playing in the playoffs to end the season, and most importantly he’s looking forward to having fun alongside his friends.