Taking The College Route

Tyler Woolen

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( Photo Credit via Wiki Commons )

Scheduling for college while in high school can be very tricky to some people; many students in Jefferson-Morgan are scheduling right now. Picking classes in college is very different than picking them in high school. Colleges, depending on where you go, can offer hundreds, even thousands, of classes. Many students in colleges usually have to plan out their own schedule.

Having a major in mind is very helpful for when college comes around. If you do not have a major picked out or you’re undecided, that’s okay too. Before college starts, make sure to schedule your classes the earliest possible. When scheduling your classes early, you’re more likely to get into the classes you want to be in.

Before choosing the college you want to go to full time, make sure to go on Open House Tours or Campus Tours first. Go to as many college tours as you want to find out where you want to go to for the 4+ years you’re there. Even though colleges have brochures, websites, social medias, etc, going to a tour will help everyone out so much better.

Meeting counselors, other students, and teachers is the best thing about touring. When touring, you’ll get such a better understanding on how the school is, where to go, and what to do when you’re there. Being prepared for college can be difficult but can also be very easy. Make sure to get everything you need ahead of time rather than later.


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