Owen Maddich – Athlete Biography

    Owen Maddich is a Junior and a second year member of the Varsity Football Team.

    Maddich is the team’s starting defensive end, and a returning letter man from last year.

    Maddich has also set high goals for himself and his teammates as being one of the team leaders. “My main goal for this season as a returning letterman is to reach playoffs,” said Maddich.

    Maddich has been playing football for over ten years, therefore he is very experienced and familiar with what he does. Although he is very familiar with the sport and what it entails, Maddich is still fully motivated by one purpose.

    “My main inspiration for playing football is my mom. My mom passed away when I was younger, so everything I do in life is for her.”

    For the remainder of the season, Maddich hopes to have fun and make memories with his teammates along with reaching his ultimate goal to make playoffs.