Colt Fowler – Athlete Biography

    Colt Fowler is a sophomore and a second year member of the football team.

    Fowler has played six prior years in junior high and midgets, and he has enjoyed every year! Fowler is a wide receiver, cornerback, and quarter back.

    “I play football because I think it is a great sport, and I love making memories and having fun with my teammates,” said Fowler.

    Fowler is a returning letterman and was named a team captain. Along with being a captain, Fowler has to set himself at high standards and be a good leader for the rest of the team.

    “I think my biggest strength is my ability to always stay positive to keep my teammates encouraged; that is one of my most important jobs as a captain,” said Fowler.

    Along with enjoying time with his teammates, Fowler also enjoys the game because he believes that it makes him a better person.

    “Football is a great game because it teaches you many life lessons and also makes me a better person physically,” said Fowler.

    Fowler hopes that he and his teammates can finish off the season strongly and continue to make more memories together.