Taryn Schmolke – Athlete Biography

    Taryn Schmolke is a sophomore and a member of the varsity volleyball team.

    Schmolke has been playing volleyball for her whole high school career so far. Her position is back-row and she likes her position. Schmolke’s favorite thing about volleyball is learning and having fun with her friends.

    ” My favorite thing about volleyball is learning new things about the sport and having a good time with my friends,” said Schmolke.

    Schmolke likes a lot of things that have happened in this season, but her favorite was getting aces while serving and taking the win.

    “My favorite thing about this season was getting aces while serving, and winning our first Jv game against California, stated Schmolke.”

    Schmolke has a lot of challenges as a volleyball player. The could be other teams or challenges she had to face herself. One challenge that she had to face herself is doing her best and earning a spot on the court.

    “The biggest challenge I’ve had to face is doing my best and earning a spot on the court where my heart is.”

    Schmolke has a lot of supporters and fans but her biggest fan and supporter is her mom. Her mom pushes her to try hard and to not give up, and also goes to every game to watch her succeed.

    ” My biggest fan is my mom. She supports me and makes sure that I push myself till I do what’s right and win the game even when I have made bad mistakes. My mom also comes to every game to support me.”

    Schmolke plans on playing volleyball for the rest of her high school career and plans on learning more about the sport.