What About the Morning CTC Students?


    Students at the GCCTC really love getting to school early and having a great day. Morning GCCTC students do not get that little break to study or to do homework. The students do not get the flex period like the home school.


    Having time to study before a class period would help a lot with grades. Some kids do not have time to study because they have things outside of school they have to do. There is a little study time in the morning for the school, but morning tech kids leave before then. All the other kids would have time to study for a  test coming up or do some homework, but the tech kids wouldn’t. School can be pretty stressful when you have so much to do in a day. 


    Having an extra class period just for studying or homework could help the students. Students could get their homework done or make up work for teachers during this time. By allowing students time to get more work done during school, students may have more free time to socialize outside of school. It could also help with the stress of thinking about homework during sports or extra curricular activities.