Students Should Commit to These New Year’s Resolutions For a Better School Year


Patrick Mullen, Contributor

Students should commit to these new year’s resolutions for a better education and school year.

  1. Stop procrastinating. Manage time wisely.
  2. Commit yourself to getting good grades.
  3. Don’t do it all; as in don’t dabble in too many sports or activities if it takes away time to prepare for tests or focus on grades.
  4. Keep a calendar. This will be instrumental in helping you mark deadlines for when work is due.
  5. Take standardized tests early. Don’t wait until there is no time left to retake it if you would need to do so.
  6. Do your research. Look up college websites to know what school would be most suitable for you and to determine your future endeavors.
  7. Try something new. Try things that may interest you to help determine what’s best for you in the future.
  8. Be excited about going to college. College will help you gain skills for your later in life activities.
  9. Do what your college counselor tells you. They will offer you their best advice for you to get what you want in life.
  10.  Banish self-doubt. Don’t let your second thoughts or guesses refrain you from achieving your goals.

These 10 resolutions for students are suggested by “International College Counselors” to try to help motivate students in the new year. 10 New Year Resolutions for High School Students – International College Counselors