Meet the Owl Pro

Troy Wright

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May 23, 2022


The Meeting Owl Pro was released November 5th, 2019 at a starting price of $999. This is the second generation of the Meeting Owl.

The Owl Pro was made for employees that were forced to work online and remotely. This gadget helped produce more effective and smoother online meetings.

The Meeting Owl Pro comes with a 360 degree camera, 8 microphones, and a speaker which replicates in meeting voices while not being together. The camera is two times sharper with 1080p resolution and a two times louder speaker compared to the last version It also has an 18 foot audio pick up radius and an automatic zoom that responds to who is speaking at that certain time. It is integrated with multiple apps such as Zoom, Slack, Google Hangout and more. The Owl Pro has an enhanced intelligence system which allows it to introduce its new Smart Meeting room ecosystem.

There has been more updates to the Meeting Owl Pro in 202o, one of them being is its “IT Analytics Suite and Fleet Management” which allows companies to get more out of their meeting spaces. In the middle of 2020 they added new technology that takes the whiteboard to the remote participant. In late 2020 they added minor additional meeting productivity applications.

I think this device is a great upgrade compared to the last Meeting Owl and it beats it in almost every category. I think that if you work from home a lot and are apart of online meetings that this would be great for you or even great for businesses to buy. I think the device is a little overpriced at $999 dollars, but it is very crucial if you are home working a lot.