Reach for the Stars

Lizzy Corbett

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On Wednesday, October 13th the students in grades 10-12 were in the auditorium 8th period for the Challenge program.

Mrs. Mary says, “I am passionate about the challenge program because it’s a program that challenges students to take it to the next level.” The challenge program keeps students determined to try harder for their goals. For example, if they want to get an a on an exam the student will try to study as much as they can or study harder to reach that goal so when they do the students feel good about passing the exam.

The challenge program encourages you to strive for the best. Nothing is impossible if you have goals you can and will fulfill those goals as long as you have the determination to reach them. During the program students were shown a video to show that determination towards your goals is key.

Students also had the opportunity to will $200. Ten students get the $200 each year from the following categories; Academic Excellence, Community Service, Attendance, STEM, and Academic Improvement. Students also have the opportunity to apply for Student of the Year, which they can win $1200. “Opportunity for Students to improve themselves not only academically but also to make themselves better members of society.” says Doug Wilson, a guest speaker from First Federal. 

For any questions or concerns you can contact Mrs Harold, the Jefferson-Morgan Guidance councilor.