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Addy Morrison

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Go Ham for Games!
November 18, 2022

Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday, October 11 students in grades 10th, 11th, 12th attended an assembly during eighth period, by the Challenge Program. The Challenge Program was said to help students with their stress, but also help them improve with anything from grades to attendance. For this improvement, each year 10 students will win a check of $200 for a different category. In addition, there is a Student of Year Competition.

Doug Wilson from First Federal says, “It’s an opportunity for Students to improve themselves not only academically but also to make themselves better members of society.” The Challenge Program itself helps students whether it be academically, attendance, or just being a better student. For example, improving your attendance can lead to academic improvement and being a better student. All of the categories come into play and become a part of being a good student.

The Challenge Program is said to help students strive for success and reach their goals. According to The Challenge Program Website, it says “the Challenge Program, Inc.’s mission is to motivate high school students to develop the habits required to succeed in school and in their careers by building business/education partnerships.”

In addition, the Challenge Program holds a Student of the Year Competition in which one student will win $1,500. This year, entry acceptance started September 6 2022, and the deadline for applications is March 1st 2023. Enter the competition today!

Any other questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Herold at cherold@jmsd, or go to their website, here