The Wild Bunch of Women Go on a Crazy Adventure!

Elsa Roberts

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May 23, 2024

A wonderful day of picking up costumes!

The Jefferson Morgan Highschool Drama Club went on a field trip on October 17, 2022. 15 students were coming along with the drama club to Washington, PA. We went on the trip to get costumes for our show on November 18th, 19th, and 20th. Our show is called The Wild Bunch of Women and if you want to watch the show tickets are $5. The drama club really loves the outfits and can’t wait to perform in them in front of an audience.

After we got our costumes the students were begging the director to stop by Chick-fil-A and have some lunch. The director, Christian, agreed to it because he couldn’t leave them hungry. The drama club finished their food and wanted to stop by Target, walk around, and buy stuff. After Target, students were very tired after the whole trip never expecting to be so sleepy after an entire day of fun.

If you want to have some fun as well and join the drama club email, [email protected]