Rhythm Of The JM Band & Choir


(Photo Credit via StockSnap.io)

Chris Palone, Editor

The Jefferson-Morgan choir is open to all students, but only the high schoolers can participate in what is called county choir. Anyone grades 7 through 12 can join the school’s band and also take part in the county band. It’s sponsored by choir and band director Christina Colebank.

Students will begin rehearsing for the county show on March 29th and the 30th, and the show itself will take place on March 31st. It is still unsaid as to what songs the band will be performing. However, the choir will present covers of “Rhythm of Life”, “Dona Nobis Pacem”, and “He Never Failed Me Yet”.

If a student wants to be part of band, they are more than welcome to join. Students can also join the choir as an elective class where they perform one concert in December and one concert in May. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact Christina Colebank at [email protected]