Test Taking

Dennis Garrett

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I do not think that test are an accurate measure of a student’s success. We take these test to see what we learned, and what we need to do to become better at the subject we test for. I believe that It is very unnecessary for teachers to give us test without us expecting it. There are few new things that could possibly happen to see what we have learned in the class. Teachers could give us a daily assessment to see what we have learned in that class period. Also these could keep us up to date with everything in class. I believe that we also should be able to have a tutor to help us catch up on what we have missed while sick or not in school. Most of the time when a student misses school it is hard for them to catch up and do their make up work. Just about every time we learn something new the teacher will just throw a test at us and expect us to know everything on it. It is just really stressful when the teachers do that to us. Another option would be is just have test at the end of the week when we actually get an idea of what we are learning. Also these can only count for about 10 points.If we fail  will not drop our grades so low. I believe that this could be a great method for us students. I already think that the teachers are pretty hard on us for tests, like teachers give us a test every other day, and it is really hard to study for your tests if you are a student athlete. This is another reason why they should give us  weekly assessments. And these are my thoughts on this article response.