PlayStation 4 Review

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016
PlayStation 4 Review

The PlayStation 4 is the 4th generation model of the original PlayStation. PlayStation has been around since the 1990’s and has been child friendly as well as entertaining for adults when it comes to the vast variety of the games. PlayStation has a somewhat long history, it’s all been nothing but good news too. A lot of people’s first console was a PlayStation and it transformed them into the gamers they are now. Every PlayStation model has been extraordinarily amazing and it has surpassed Xbox in almost every single aspect.

The PlayStation 4 is a game console that has many great features. One of the most useful ones is the access to internet and apps that use an internet connection to use. The PlayStation 4 allows players to watch movies on Netflix, videos on YouTube and many other movie and video servicing applications. This is great because it allows players to take a break from gaming and relax and watch some of their favorite youtubers or movies. The apps are easily accessible and easy to navigate through, making it simple for people of all ages to use.

The PlayStation 4 is a great console for gaming. All of the games run smoothly and a lot of games even run at a steady 60fps pace like Mortal Kombat X does. The way graphics looks on this console is amazing as well. All games have a resolution of 1080p and sometime in the future there will be 4K gaming on the PlayStation which is a big break in console gaming, no other consoles run games in 4K resolution like the PlayStation will soon be able to with their release of the believed to be “PlayStation 4.5”.

PlayStation 4 is awesome for playing with friends. PlayStation Network’s servers are amazing. There’s a 99% chance players will be able to connect to their friends when invited into different lobbies and parties. The party chat quality is very high, other players can hear what people say clearly. The online gaming experience is perfect with the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 is a huge leap from the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 4 beats all of the PlayStations and Xbox’s spec wise and everything. The PlayStation 4 is very simplistic with a lot of features and it has a very big selection of games. The PlayStation 4 truly is an amazing console.